🌿 Budding

On work

Work can be hard, work can be exhausting, but it can also be fun. Being a programmer means constantly having to learn new things, which is one of the reasons
I like this line of work. There are times, when I can't look at code anymore. All I want to do is turn off my PC, and my brain.

The frustration stemming from fixing a bug, and not being able to find a solution can be a great weight on my shoulders. Then, after a good night's sleep, a cog
in my head moves, I find the missing puzzle piece. Suddenly, I feel like I could run a marathon (I couldn't). All worries go away, I can move on to the next task.
Till I'm stuck again.

It may seem that programmer's work is hardly a pleasant exercise. Sometimes it's the case, but more often than not, it gives me fullfilment. I can create something
from scratch, and if this something is useful, or entertaining, for at least one person, it was worth all the hard work I had to put in it.