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Wrapping Up Divtober

Divtober came to an end. it was challenging, but it also gave me a lot of satisfaction. It was a great chance to hone your CSS skills, and to get to know
great developers. Looking at other people's work, admiring it, and learning from it was a fantastic experience. You should check out what they made:

And here are some of my favourite drawings that I made:

3. Snack

See the Pen Divtober #3: Snack by Dzajew (@dzajew) on CodePen.

12. Shadow

See the Pen Divtober #12: Shadow by Dzajew (@dzajew) on CodePen.

16. Hypnotic

See the Pen Divtober #16: Hypnotic by Dzajew (@dzajew) on CodePen.

17. Stripes

See the Pen Divtober #17: stripes by Dzajew (@dzajew) on CodePen.

22. Soft

See the Pen Divtober #22: Soft by Dzajew (@dzajew) on CodePen.

25. Luminous

See the Pen Divtober #25: Luminous by Dzajew (@dzajew) on CodePen.

27. Grain

See the Pen Divtober #27: Grain by Dzajew (@dzajew) on CodePen.

29. Free

See the Pen Divtober #29: Free by Dzajew (@dzajew) on CodePen.

30. Beloved

See the Pen Divtober #30: Beloved by Dzajew (@dzajew) on CodePen.

I met some amazing people, and certainly learned a lot from them. For me, one of the hardest parts of the challenge was to figure out where a line or shape should go.
Hopefully, I got better. I'm looking for the next year's divtober, and if you hesitated to take part in the 2022's edition, I hope you'll join us next time. So much fun!