🌱 Seedling

Learning Go

While I was unemployed for a few months, I started a few personal projects, just something to spend my time on, while I was looking for a new job. At first, I wanted to make a CMS for eleventy, but somewher in the middle of work, I realized I needed a tool to manage database migrations. Of course, I haven't finished it yet, I still have to upload the latest changes, but you can have a peek here.

Some time later, I decided to learn a new language. After hesitating between Elixir and Go, I gave Go a go (pun intended). I went through documentation, and the Tour of Go, and after doing some of the Gophercises, I started working on a todotxt.org CLI, but written in Go. I think, it's a good way to learn Go's standard library, you can check out the code, still in progress, here.

So far, I like golang. It's seems a lot like CSS, that is, easy to learn, hard to master. The basics are really simple, but I'm aware, that it take some time, before I can say, that I know the language. Another thing I like about it is that it has a built in testing functionality, it's really neat!

Anyway, I hope, I'll manage to finish these two projects soon, especially, that I want to redesign this website. So many ideas, not enough time (and coffee).