🌳 Evergreen


A few days ago I stumbled into Lynn Fishers's post about divtober. The challenge is to
create an illustration with a single div and CSS only. Each day of October has a different topic/subject. You can read more about it on the event's page.
I've decided to challenge myself, and give it a try. Hopefully, I'll manage to complete all the tasks. You can see some of people's works from this and previous
years, if you follow the "divtober" hashtag on Twitter. I think it's a great way to test and hone your
CSS skills, and what's more important, to have some fun.

Here's my first illustration, "Badge" - https://codepen.io/dzajew/pen/oNddZbG.
And a second one, "Dry" - https://codepen.io/dzajew/pen/ExLLXgq.